Neo Blythe “Misha tebyA lyublyU” says I love you!

Once upon a time, deep in the Russian forest live a cute little girl named Misha.
She is the youngest daughter of a family of bears. Her origins are a mystery.
She learned embroidery from her grandmother who lives in a near by village.
She is an important person in the village but no matter what, she returns to her bear family.

Misha wears a lovely Russian style dress with cute bear ear hat.
The dress has delicate patterns of flowers and birds.
Her bear hat tiny lace trim with cute flowers.
To complete her warm and rustic look, she wears long boots.

"tebyA lyublyU" is Russian for "I love you", she will bring joy to your heart.

She has long hair with a slight perm and bangs.
Her hair is light brown.
She wears green eyeshadow, salmon pink lips and cheeks.
She has a special light brown eye chips with a frontward facing gaze.
She has Radiance + face in natural color.

* Please note design image may differ from the final product.

Launch Date: October 2013
Price: 14,490 JPY