CWC Exclusive Neo Blythe “Royal Solioquy” takes stage at the theater in the round

She is the queen and hero the story, able to emote a vary of feelings on the stage.
"Where can I go to dance? I am a caged bird on earth. Where is my freedom? I have to find it!"
The audience is moved and applause fills the theater. Soon the stage is filled with red roses.

"Royal Solioquy" plays a variety of roles. Everyone is excited to see her perform.
She is happiest when on stage.
Today she plays the role of hero queen.

Her stage costume is an elegant dressing coat with a prop paper crown.
Her one piece dress is luxurious and gold with crown motifs.
The lace around the neck is lovely and beautiful.
Her dressing coat has a three layered peplum with ruffles around the hem.
She wears lovely agile tights and cute boots.

She has long hair with a slight body curl, parted down the middle.
She has a mature style hair cut with shoulder length side parts, like an elegant hime cut.
She deep red hair makes the gold of her dress shine!

"Royal Solioquy" has a gorgeous presence that makes her shine on the stage like as actress.
Her dark brown eyeshadow, orange blush and pink lips are bold.
She has a special kind of eye make up of the cat eye style eyeliner.
This is an innovation for Neo Blythe!
She has special mint green, yellow green, and light brown eyes.

She has fair skin the Radiance + face mould.

* Design illustration may differ from final product.

Release Date:  November 2013
Price: 17,640 JPY