Neo Blythe “Leopard Sass” design illustration

"Tonight is my premier concert.
All the famous people from around town to see the show tonight.
This is my big break! Fashion is key.
I'm so excited with my heart beating on this wonderful night."

Leopard Sass's stage costume is on point.
She has a sassy round hat, collar and booties trimmed in leopard fur!
Her sheer dress has cute cuff and collars.
Her red tights and cute booties show her fun dance moves.

She has long hair with a wavy perm. Her hair is light brown and very lovely.
Her makeup shows the slight blush of a performer, glowing on stage.
She wears green eyeshadow, pink lipstick, and pink cheeks.
She has a special light brown eye color.
She has fairest face mold in natural skin.

* Design illustration may differ from final product.

Release Date: December 2013
Price: 14,490 JPYY