New 2013- 2014 Blythe Goods

Stationary goods are something we use everyday.
What if you could jazz up your daily routine with the friendly face of Blythe? With the new stationary goods,
here you can! We have new printed making tape, B6 ring notebooks, and postcards.
Let's get cute!


Blythe Masking Tape
This new printed masking tape has a soft hold, so you can use it even on paper and will remove without tearing the paper!
Perfect for gift wrapping, decorating your note books or to post notices.
The full color printing features 6 design variations of our most popular dolls!

Six Designs in All: "Margo Unique Girl", "Misha Tebya Lyublyu", "Alice Alice", "Allie Gabrielle", "Royal Soliloquy", and "Circus Love".
Size: 20mm wide on 10 m roll
Price: 430 JPY


Blythe B6 Ring Notebook
This spiral notebook is just the right size. The front and back cover feature a lovely Blythe full graphic design with lined, cream pages inside.
Use this handy notebook for your daily notes or even journal for your special thoughts.

Four Designs in All: "Alice Alice", "Margo Unique Girl", "Misha Tebya Lyublyu", "Royal Soliloquy"
Size: B6 (vertical 180 mm x 128 mm)
Pages: 60 sheets
Price: 580 JPY


New Blythe Postcards
There are six new images for the Blythe postcards, featuring our newest and most popular dolls!
These are prefect for sending a quick note to a friend or to add to your package to bring a cheerful greeting.
These are also great to decorate your work space or the inside of your locker!

Six Designs in All: Allie Gabrielle, Misha Tebya Lyublyu, Lovely Kimono
, Delphine, R & V, Margo Unique Girl, Akai Ribbon, and Royal Soliloquy

Size: 148 x 100 mm
Price: 150 JPY


All items will be available from www.juniemoonshop.com in mid-December!

Please check back to our site for details!