Let flowers show the feelings you wish to convey with Neo Blythe “Charlotte de Fleurs”

There is meaning in all flowers.
There is a deeper meaning when you give the gift of flowers to someone you care about.
Pink carnations say "forget me not", red roses say "I love you", pink tulips say "I'm thinking of you".
Tell Charlotte des Fleurs how you would like to express yourself and she'll find a flower for you.

Charlotte is a sweet girl who has the spirit of the flowers in her heart.
Her charm point is her fluffy pink hair.
She seems to be full of the sweet smell of flowers.
Her clothing is coordinated with the soft, and gentle pastels.
Her camisole dress has lovely flowers at the bodice and a lace bolero.
Her shoes, socks and hair accessories are a pastel rainbow of colors.

She wears light green eyeshadow and soft pink lips and cheeks.
She has a special blue front facing eye color.
Her face type is Radiance + in fair skin.

* Design illustration may differ from final product.

Release Date: March 2014
Price: 13,800 JPY (tax not included)