Neo Blythe “Mandy Cotton Candy” illustration

Mandy loves the amusement park.
She's very talented at games of skill!
She wins tons of prizes at the midway.
Her fun headgear looks like a wild creature!
After a while of playing games, it's time to eat marshmallows and cotton candy.
It's fluffy, sweet adventure.
Her fingers become sticky when she eats it so fast.
But she loves to lick of the sweet flavor.
This fun girl really knows how to enjoy herself!

Mandy love amusement parks and spending time with her good friends.
She's wearing a romper that looks like a shirt and short set.
Her fun hat has a cute monster face on it, and she won it at a game!
Her long boots look great with her hood.

She has long hair with bangs set in a loose perm.
Her hair color is really fun blue with mint green underneath.
She looks like a fun fashionista.
She wears teal eyeshadow with pink cheeks and lips.
She has a special light purple eyechip set in the front.
She is a Radiance + face mould with natural skin tone.

Release Date: April 18, 2014
Price: 13,800 JPY (Tax not included)