★ UNDERKING X Blythe collaboration boxers have arrived!

Gaining massive attention from fashionable boys and girls everywhere, undergarment brand UNDERKING has collaborated with Blythe to create boxers for ladies, coming to you this spring! This is a first for Blythe goods!

Not only is this fully printed boxer short stylish and easy to wear, the ventilation and slimness of the design allows for a low profile, yet dry fit.
There are no seams, so go ahead and wear those skinny jeans without worrying about any of it showing up!
Keep every part of you stylish with these boxers; pair it with a Blythe t-shirt to use as cute indoor wear!

UNDERKING X Blythe “Boxer Pants” Underwear
Release Date: May 5th, 2014
Price: ¥2800

3 Colorways/
BL-UW Vintage (Front-facing fly with a vintage denim design)
BL-UW Indigo (Dark denim with Flaming Alice print)
BL-UW Cable Knit (Purple with knit print)
Materials: Polyester 55%, Nylon 33%, Polyurethane 12%
Made in Japan