Everyone is wondering about the most anticipated doll, 2014 anniversary doll!

Well, we are happy to announce that the doll will be released June, Blythe's birthday month. There will be both Neo Blythe and Middie Blythe made for this auspicious occasion.  The Neo Blythe is "Regina Irwen" and the Middie Blythe is named "Contessa Margherita". They live in the same fantasy work and have interesting stories to tell.

We sat down with Blythe Creative Producer Mrs. Junko Wong to discuss these new anniversary girls.

The design theme for the anniversary doll was green, roses and stripes this year.
While planning the design for the 2014 Anniversary Doll,  
I came across the Q-Pot Mook with beautiful photos and stylings by the amazing Miki Aizawa using a gorgeous dress designed by Koko Yamase.  
I am a big fan of all three and so I am very grateful to these wonderful creators  for their inspiration which fit right into the original design theme perfectly.
They have been very gracious and let me incorporate their sensibility with mine.
We are very proud of this year's anniversary doll. Regina is beautiful.

Q1- What were you thinking about when you started designing the dolls?
A1- The anniversary dolls have to be very special. We try to give the factory a challenge and show new skills in design and technique. These innovations are part of making the anniversary dolls. 

Q2- What is the theme for this year’s anniversary dolls?
 A2- The theme is regal elegance and beauty. 

Q3- Can you give us some hints about the Neo Blythe design?
 A3- We wanted to try transparent matte skin. The final outcome is always a surprise as we develop the design. She has a new eggplant brown hair color. We tried new hues in brown to give her hair a beautiful depth. 

Q4- What does the Neo Blythe's outfit look like?
 A4- If you take off the over skirt, you will see she has a short dress
 underneath that can be used worn more casually. The over skirt has separate pieces of fabric with prints of roses on them with tulle underneath and little butterflies. 

Q5- What is special about Middie Blythe doll?
 A5- Her hair color and the eyelashes are special.

Q6- What is special about Middie Blythe’s outfit?
 A6- She has similar details as Neo but more subtle and simple. She has a very charming little hat. It gives her a lot of character.

Q7- How do you spend time with your anniversary doll?
 A7- The anniversary dolls are the most collectible of the annual releases. I like to display them all on Girls Day. They are a true celebration of beauty.