Neo Blythe “Ashley’s Secret” illustration is here

What's my coy smile about?
I'm keeping a very special secret.
I'll keep your secrets close to my heart and will not tell a soul!

Ashley is a lovely girl from all angles.
She maintains a poker face to keep a special secret inside.
She has a mature, lady-like look.
Her fashion color theme is silver, white and black.
She has silver lame accents with a gorgeous lady blazer.
Her headband and boots complete the refined style of Ashely.

Her hair is yellow warm.
She has long wavy hair with side swept bangs.
She has natural makeup of dark brown eyeshadow, and pink lips and cheeks.
She has special light blue eye chips in frontward facing gaze.
Her face type is Radiance + with fair skin.

Release Date: May 2014
Price: 13,800 JPY