Announcing the official illustrations for the 13th Anniversary Neo Blythe “Regina Irwen”

We are pleased to introduce you to the 13th anniversary Neo Blythe "Regina Irwen".
Once a year there is a special anniversary doll to commemorate the birth of Neo Blythe.
This year we have made a lovely doll with many points of charm.

Please read the special message from Blythe Creative Producer, Junko Wong:

"Regina Irwen is the friendly queen to takes care of her people and kingdom.
Because of her kind nurturing everything around her flourishes.
The land is lush and beautiful, the fruits and vegetables are bountiful due to her outpouring of love.
Regina is full of gratitude and does her best to encourage her people.
She is a wonderful example of a Queen and is here to love the world!"

Regina has long hair set with a loose perm and bangs.
She has a new hair plum and brown mixed hair color.
She also has a special translucent, matte skin. It has the soft look of fine china.
She has dark brown eyelids and eyeshadow.
She has rose pink cheeks and lips.
She has a new shiny lip with little accent lines at the edge to give her a new expression.
She has special black eyelashes.
Her eye colors are: brown (hologram backed), light blue (hologram backed), and light purple.
She has Radiance + face type.

Release Date: June 2014
Price: 22,000 JPY
Limited production of 2,500 dolls


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