Announcing the official illustrations for the 13th Anniversary Middie Blythe “Contessa Margherita”

Announcing the official illustrations for the 13th Anniversary Middie Blythe "Contessa Margherita"
We are pleased to share the illustration of the 13th Anniversary Middie Blythe "Contessa Margherita".
She's the sweet companion to Neo Blythe "Regina Erwen".
Please read on to learn Contessa Margherita's story:
"In a country far away there was a beautiful little village.
It was known for centuries for it's grapes that make best wines in all the kingdoms.
Legend tells of Contessa Margherita who grew roses next to the vineyard which created the best tasting wines.
Growing roses and wine together created the most incredible tastes.
If could be the magic of the roses or her love,
but it tastes truly delicious. Her magic is that of true happiness."

Margherita lives in the kingdom run by Regina Erwen.
The village is renowned for their grapes and roses.
Contessa shares the same sense of style as Contessa.
She wears a dress with the palette of green, gold, brown and white.
Her dress is made with many types of materials including satin and tulle, and is emblazoned with butterflies and roses.
Her finished coordination features a lovely, tiny hat.

The bodice is green with with a gold full skirt. It has a lovely fabric applique of roses and butterflies.
Her small hat completes the look with many layers of accented tulle.
It seems to carry the sweet smell of roses with the cascading butterflies.
She wears knee high, striped stocks with cute little pumps. 

She has long hair with a loose perm and bangs.
It has a slight park on the left side.
She has lovely plum, brown hair color with special matte skin.
Her pretty skin looks like fine china.
She has light brown eyeshadow, dark black eyelashes, pink lips and cheeks.
She has a special lip line detail that makes her have a softer, expressive lip.
She also has special light green eyes.

Release date: June, 2014
Price: 12,300 JPY

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