Let’s have a picnic on the lake with Neo Blythe “Country Summer”

It's summertime.
The cows and horses graze leisurely and the chickens softly
peck the ground.
That's how you know we are living in the country.
Let's wear our favorite dress for the picnic.
Once my basket is stuffed with delicious foods, we are ready to go! 

It's a refreshing feeling to be surrounded by nature.
In the Summer it's nice to spend time in the country.
Her style is a soft marine look with little anchor printed dress with red piping.
Add the hat and basket to coordinate to protect your self from the sun on the fun picnic.
She wears cute cowboy boots. Now she's ready to ride a horse to the picnic!

She has long, Light Brown hair which is parted on the side with side-swept bangs.
She wears blue eyeshadow and pink lipstick and blush.
She has a special light brown front facing eye chips.
She has a Radiance + face with cream colored skin.

Release Date: July 2014
Price: 13,800 JPY