2015 Blythe Schedule Book

Schedule books are an important part of daily life.
From jotting down notes to writing important work dates, its a necessary item for any busy person, especially if you are the type to use one all year round.
That's why we created a simply designed, easy to use planner that has a month to month schedule section, pages for notes and data, and other various functions.
The thin construction is also great for carrying around.

Our two covers feature the curly, fluffy hairs romanticist Charlotte de Fleur and our 2014 Anniversary Doll Regina Irwen respectively.
Both are one of our most popular dolls of 2014, so you’ll be sure to catch everyone's attention!
The interior of each book is the same.

2015 Blythe Schedule Book
Release Date: August 2014
Price: ¥1,300

Designs: Charlotte de Fleur and  Regina Irwen
Size: Length 182mm X Width 128 mm (B6 size)
Page Count: 112 Pages
Release Date: September 2014 to December 2015 (Starting Monday)
Specifications: Clear Cover, Address Page, Size Chart, Health Check, Age Chart, Subway map