New Blythe Fashion Tights for Ladies!

Everyone knows that fashionable tights are an easy way to transform your look and are a wardrobe staple!
We are happy to announce the new Blythe licensed tights for women.
There are 3 beautiful photo print designs to choose from.
These tights are perfect to jazz up your wardrobe just in time for fall.

The "Regina Irwen" tights has the vivid roses and bows known from her packaging and dress.
"Framing Alice" is one of our most popular designs featuring Blythe as Alice in a magical wonderland.?
"Fashionista Molly & Neilly" is our black base tights with fun floating Blythe faces.

These whimsical tights are a must have for your fall looks!
Please check back to our site on September 20th to purchase these new tights.

Blythe Fashion Tights for Ladies
Release Date: September 20
Price: 5.500 JPY

Three Designs to choose from: Regina Irwen, Framing Alice, and Fashionista Molly & Nelliey
Size: One Size Women M- L (150- 165 cm tall, 85- 95 cm at the hip)
Materials: 91% Polyester, 9% Polyurethane