We are releasing a collaboration dress set with Angelic Pretty and Junie Moon!

Angelic Pretty is a brand that caters to lolita aficionados all around the world. Dressing your Blythe up in this collaboration dress is sure to make her ten times as cute and lovely!
If you're searching for a new look, this set will surely do the trick!

- Crystal Dream Carnival Set
This dress set is based off of the wildly popular dress of the same name from Angelic Pretty!
An illustration of a pegasus flying towards a temple in the sky is printed on the skirt of the dress, with details made with organdy and satin ribbons, creating a beautiful translucent effect.
Stars are sprinkled throughout the bonnet, and the socks are printed with a picture of a pegasus soaring through a sky filled with planets.

Set includes: dress, bonnet, socks
Colors: Navy, Lavender
Price: ¥9,800 + taxes

- Melody Toys Set
When you think of Angelic Pretty, you think of this kind of dress. Perfect for Blythe, this pastel colored jumper skirt set is printed with cute stuffed animals, has a laced collar and puff sleeves, and just generally uses lace and frills at every opportunity to create a sweeter than sweet look.
Her head accessory is an over sized ribbon, and her socks are printed with the same dot and stuffed animal motif, completing her adorable outfit. 

Set includes: jumper skirt, blouse, ribbon, socks
Colors: Pink, Mint
Price: ¥9,800 + taxes

Sale date: April 25th, 2015 (Sat)
Daikanyama Junie Moon, Shibuya LeLe Junie Moon, Osaka Salon de Junie Moon, Junie Moon Online Shop, Junie Moon Rakuten Market Store, etc.

*These will also be available for pre-order at the Angelic Pretty store.
For more information please contact Angelic Pretty.