Jeffrey Fulvimari New Goods! “A4 Clear File & Post Card”

Always relevant, always cute, always useful, new Jeffrey Fulvimari A4 clear files are here!
Filled with artistry, these illustrations by Jeffrey Fulvimari are best sellers, popular in business, academic, and even private settings.
All of Jeffrey's girls are unique and charming, filled with a theme or message that
Jeffrey wanted to convey which can be seen in the written text, the title, or the illustration itself.
It might be interesting to use a clear file that fits the mood your in at the time!
The 6 designs are "Multiple Heart", "New Me", "Innocence", Art Girl", "Tokyo Japan", and "Heart". Use these lovely files in any way you see fit!

"Jeffrey Fulvimari A4 Clear File" / All 6 Types
Multiple Heart, New Me, Innocence, Art Girl, Tokyo Japan, Heart

Size: H310 x W220mm
Material: Polipropilene (PP)
Made in Japan
Price: ¥300 + tax
Release Date: April 4th, 2015 (Sat)

These postcards are so gorgeous that they should be hung in a gallery! Here are some new designs for Jeffrey Fulvimari Post Cards!

Isn't it wonderful to see beautiful pieces of art in your post box?
It makes your friends' messages that much more precious.
Besides transporting your messages to your friends and family, these postcards are great collectible pieces of art!
Frame them and decorate your desk or collect them and adorn your walls, whatever way you decide to enjoy them these 8 postcards are sure to beautify!
The illustrations were favorites of Jeffrey, chosen by him to bring his artistic and cute vision straight to you!

"Jeffrey Fulvimari Post Card" / All 8 Types
Multiple Heart, Island, Shadows, Doggies, Burokadia, Bath Tub, Art Girls, Dolly Girl
Size: 147 x 100mm
Made in Japan
Price: 167 + tax
Release Date: April 4th, 2015 (Sat)