New Blythe Goods! “Short Sleeve T-Shirt & A4 Clear File”

VNew looks for the Blythe Short Sleeve T-Shirts!
Wearing a T-shirt makes being in the sun so great!
Putting one on in the morning while thinking about your plans for the day, and even thinking about what to wear with your T-shirt might be fun!
All new styles are coming in the form of a new color way for "Framing Alice", "Dot Ribbon" and "Bunny" for Fashionista Molly & Nelly, and "Art Attack" with its avant garde design.
The T-shirts come in both black and white colors, and is universally sized as a looser medium.
Feel the breeze this Spring and Summer with these T-Shirts!

"Blythe Short Sleeve T-Shirts" / All 8 Types
Art Attack, Framing Alice, Fashionista Molly & Nelly Dot Ribbon, Fashionista Molly & Nelly Bunny
4 Designs x 2 Body Color (white, black)

Size: Free Size
Materials: Cotton 50%, Polyester 50%
T-Shirt made in China, Printed in Japan

Price: ¥5,300 + tax
Release Date: April 11th, 2015 (Sat)

The Blythe clear files are definitely one of the most popular items!
At this point, the versatility and popularity of this item has us convinced that everyone and their grandmother has one to use!
Easy to use, beautiful to look at, these clear files will give you the energy and motivation to work hard with a strong heart every time you look at it!

The new designs are "Regina Irwin" surrounded by a rose motif, "Bianca Pearl" looking like she liesurely stepped out of a movie screen, a stylish monotone "Molly & Nelly" face with a polka dot pattern, and "Alice Alice" with cute cookies floating beside her.
We will also be re-releasing the very popular "Framing Alice" and "Ten Happy Family" clear files.

This would be a perfect gift for anyone starting out in life. Make someones day by giving them a design that fits their personality!

"Blythe A4 Clear File" / All 6 Types
Regina Irwin, Bianca Pearl, Alice Alice, Fashionista Molly & Nelly Dot, Ten Happy Family, Framing Alice

Size: H310 x W220mm
Material: Polipropilene (PP)
Made in Japan
Price: ¥300 + tax
Release Date: April 4th, 2015 (Sat)