A movie producer in the making! Looking sharp in her thick rimmed glasses, the illustration for “Les Jeunette” is here!

Our project for this years cultural festival will be a compilation of the animation and live action shorts we've made throughout the year.
I produced a romantic drama titled Les Jeunette Club!
It's filled with laughs as well as tears, a great piece of entertainment if I do say so myself!
Please, come over and enjoy!

Wearing her trademark six piece beret and black circle glasses (new model), Les Jeunette is a skilled visual producer!
She is also wearing a light girlish blouse with dotted and pleated jumper skirt with white tights and booties.

Her hairstyle is a permed long with bangs that are orange-ish brown in color.
Her eyeshadow is green, and her cheeks and lips are pink.
Her right-looking eye is a special light blue, and her face is a fair Radiance+.

This is just a design illustration, all elements are subject to change.

Release Date: May 2015
Price: ¥14,900