[Anniversary Doll Announcement]  The 14th Anniversary Blythe will be released in July 2015!

Neo Blythe’s birthday is June 23 and it’s fast approaching. 
14 years passed since the Neo Blythe was first released in Japan, 

This year, 2015 anniversary dolls are the CWC Limited 14th Anniversary Neo Blythe "Dauphine Dream" 
and CWC Limited 14th Anniversary Middie Blythe "Little Duchess Georgette". 

CWC Limited 14th Anniversary Neo Blythe
"Dauphine Dream"
Release Date: July 2015.
Suggested manufacturer's retail price: 24,900 yen (excluding tax) 

CWC Limited 14th Anniversary Middie Blythe
"Little Duchess Georgette"
Release Date: July 2015.
Suggested manufacturer's retail price: 15,700 yen (excluding tax) 

Check out the interview with Blythe Creative Producer Junko Wong.  Photos by Junko Wong.


Blythe is having her birthday soon, on June 23. What re your feelings about the the 14th Anniversary doll?

Neo Blythe will be 14 years old.
Every year the anniversary celebration is highlighted with the Anniversary doll and this year we put in as much love
and careinto the design as previous years.
My feelings are always the same.
To create a doll that is one of a kind and will be "the Blythe" of the year it represents.


What is the theme for the up coming 2015 14th Anniversary doll?
Why did you pick this theme?

The set is Europe.  And the period is late 18th century.
The fashion is Marie Antoinette.
She is a symbol of royal glamour and beauty.
Because I am going to Paris this year to the Paris Blythe convention and will be taking her along to photograph in Versailles!


This Anniversary doll's fashion is classic. Where are the strengths in this style for Blythe?

It is classic because it is styled for an era in Europe when the aristocrats were serious about their wardrobe and the details which were put into it.
For Blythe to look great in this fashion was quite easy, she looked great in the dress of that era instantly.
What were the details that you focused on?

The details of the dress if you look closely are original prints design, and ribbons and lace.
Please tell about the doll itself.
It is using the transparent skin and lush lips, special eyelashes and eye colors.


What are the personalities of Dauphne and Little Duchess?

They are aristocrats and beauties of the generation they represent.
They love beautiful things, art and music.
They are who they are because of the lineage before them.


How can we enjoy playing with these girls?

Well, for one I am going to Paris this year so I plan to take picture of them in cassical settings.
If you can find interesting classical fixtures or backgrounds I would certainly take photos of them.
I think taking them to antique markets might be fun to do, too.


Junko Wong