Announcing Hasbro Exclusive Neo Blythe “Spright Beauty”!  

The kind and gentle fairy, “Sprigt Beauty” will bring you happiness!

Hasbro Exclusive Neo Blythe “Spright Beauty” will be released May 2015.
Suggested retail price:  ¥17,000 (before tax)


Check out the interview with Blythe Creative Producer Junko Wong. 


What made you create a fairy Blythe?

This is not the first fairy we have created.
If you look at the Blythe Collection Guide Book, you will see that in 2005 we have made three fairies named White Magic Morning, White Magic Afternoon and White Magic Night. So another fairy was long overdue!

What is your image of a fairy?

Light and playful.


What is Spright Beauty charm point and what do you want Blythe fans to notice about her?


Spright Beauty has lovely wings with charming designs printed on it with sparkling little gems!
Her eyelashes are pink and she sleeps when you pull the extra string.
Her hair is two toned, with yellow on the inside and pink on the outside.
Everything about her is special. Including her transparent skin.   


The up coming Middie Blythe Pixie Peaceful is also a fairy. Did Spright Beauty give Pixie her wings? What is their relationship?

Yes, the story is that Spright Beauty could see that this little girl Pixie was worthy of fairy wings because of her pure heart and peace loving ways.
Spright gives Pixie her wings so that she can live the life of a fairy and be happy forever.
Spright is Pixie's mentor and best friend.

What do you want to express to the Blythe fans through the creation of Spright Beauty?

Be light and playful like a fairy in the sky. Be peace loving and kind like a fairy in the woods.


Blythe Creative Producer / Junko Wong