Here are the illustrations for the Hasbro Exclusive Neo Blythe “Spright Beauty”

This absolutely unique doll is made especially for Blythe fans in Asia!

If you want to meet a fairy that will grant your wishes and dreams, Neo Blythe "Spright Beauty" is for you!
From the moment you see her, you will feel elated as though all of your dreams have come true.
Her marvelous wings were bestowed upon her by Middie Blythe Pixie Peaceful, turning her into a fairy in the process.
Together, they will fulfill your dreams.

Spright Beauty is a fairy with the power to make everyone happy.
The gentlest and most beautiful of the fairies, just being with her is sure to grant your wishes.
She is your fairy, and your friend.

Neo Blythe Spright Beauty's hair is layered with two colors, sugar pink on top and a blonde yellow underneath, which compliment her lavender wings and light-blue dress.
The dress is tiered with frills and the neckline is edged with a stain ribbon.
Her waist is looped by a floral belt, and her fairy wings are attached to her back with velcro.
Her floral hair band, fishnet stockings, and quadruple strap pumps complete her pastel look.

The doll itself is filled with many special specifications!
Her hair has two tones, sugar pink on the surface, and blonde yellow on the inside, and is lightly permed with bangs.
Her skin is a translucent cream color with adorable makeup consisting of light purple eyeshadow and eyelids, pink eyelashes, pink cheeks, and plump pink lips.

She can also close her eyes independently from the eye change function with a separate pull string!
Scenes of her sleeping peacefully will be possible with this. Her eye colors have two special colors, light brown and light pink, and her face type will be Radiance+.

Release Date:  May 2015
Suggested Retail Price:  ¥17,000

Interview with Junko Wong