The flowery harbinger of peace and love! Here are the final specifications for the wonderful fairy, Hasbro Exclusive Neo Blythe Sprite Beauty!

Sprite Beauty is a special even amongst those from the fairy kingdom.
She brings to those who cherish her a life filled with fortune and fulfilled dreams&hellip

Her hair, makeup, dress, flower crown&hellip All very sweet pastel colors, but not too sweet!
Sprite Beauty has a cool side about her, a kind of appealing freshness that brings people in.

The secret to her beauty is in the balance between her special specs and the elegantly designed doll itself.
Her skin is the ever popular translucent cream color which is complimented with pink and purple makeup.
Her special specs include the purple eyelids, pink eye lashes (the shape is default), her puffy lips, and her Sleep-Eye mechanism.
There are two eye change rings, the purple charm closes the eyes, and the pink opens them.
Her sleeping face is quite a look to behold!

Her eyes have two special colors, light brown and light pink, with the default green and blue.
Her hairstyle is a permed long cut short in front, and her hair color is sugar pink with yellow underneath. Her face type is Radiance+.

The translucent wings with the light blue and tiered skirt dress truly bring this doll together.
The dress is made with tulle and chiffon for the frills, with a flower motif, and a satin ribbon on top.
Her wings, with the plant motif print with rhinestone peppered with large flowers, can be taken on and off with a handy velcro strip on the back of the dress.
Her accessories include a three toned flower crown and a light blue four strap shoes. 


Face type: Radiance+
Skin type: Translucent cream (pale skin)
Make up: Eyeshadow - Light Purple, Lip - Pink, Cheeks - Pink
Eye color: Light brown (front, special color), Light pink (right, special color), Blue (front), Green (left)
Hair color: Pink with Yellow underneath
Eye lashes: default shape with pink
Eye lids: light purple
Set includes: Doll, dress, flower crown, wings, tights, shoes, shorts, stand

Hasbro Release Date: May 15th, 2015 (fri)
Hasbro Price: ¥17,000
Junie Moon Release Date: late May
Junie Moon Price: ¥17,500

*This is a Hasbro exclusive.
They will begin distribution in select countries in Asia.
Junie Moon will be the sole distributor in Japan, and will be sold at a later date than in other countries.
This will be an import product which will change the price.