“I want to spend the summer with you!” A Middie Blythe first! Tanned and sweet, illustrations for Cool Pool Lemonade are here!

On a hot day like this, nothing beats a tall glass of lemonade filled with crushed ice. Add a little passion fruit and mango and you have something special!
I just want to be sitting in the shade, drinking juice all day. What a life!
This freshly tanned Middie Blythe is so cute, no one can resist her!
Two outfits, a swimsuit and a dress, have been readied for her so she can walk through the beach and the town.
The swimsuit is light blue with a pink ribbon on the bikini top, light blue shorts, and a pareo with a pink and light blue ribbon on the rear.
The youthful look is really becoming of the Middie Blythe design.
The dress has a simple and refreshing lemon pattern, which is complimented by the ribbon hair band, heart shaped earrings, and yellow shoes.
Her hairstyle is a lightly permed long with short bangs. Her hair color is brown. Her face color is mocha, with brown eye shadow, pink cheeks, and with orangish pink lips.
Her eye color is emerald green.
The illustration is a concept, and does not represent the final product.
Release Date: August 2015
MSRP: ¥11,800