Jeffrey Fulvimari New Goods! “Tights” & “Easy Tote”

These Jeffrey Fulvimari Tights Are Great for Expanding Your Fall/Winter Fashion!

The coming cold months bring a lot of chic colors to everyone's wardrobe, but just add a pair of these beautifully illustrated tights to bring a dimension of lively color to your look.
With this new wave of printed tights becoming fashion staples, now is the time to get yourself a pair of Jeffrey Fulvimari Tights!
They fit any situation or style; simple, feminine, cool, casual, gorgeous, however you wish to be, it'll look good!

The two styles are Midnight Sun, which has a base of black with clouds, stars,
and a fiery sun floating among a girl with a unique hairstyle, all penciled in with white, and Bobby Pin, which is checkered in gray with a cool-y styled
woman at the base. Both designs have a little bit of accent color, so that will look good in any style.

Jeffrey Fulvimari Tights
All two types/ Midnight Sun, Bobby Pin
Size: Ladies M-L Size (one size) Hips 85~95cm, Height 150~165cm
Materials: Composited Polyester 91%, Polyurethane 9%
Made in Japan

Available: September 26th, 2015
Price: ¥5,500 + tax

Lots of carrying space and printed with a cute illustration, get these Jeffrey Fulvimari Easy Tote Bags!

From groceries to every day shopping, paper work for business or gear for class, even presents bought abroad that wont fit in your suitcase!
The material is a sturdy cotton that isn't too bulky or too thin, and is the perfect size to fold and store until use.
With a shield and a flag in hand, the design for Castle shows a brave young woman ready to protect her kingdom, and in Dolly Girl, a portrait of a
mysterious, yet charming girl is surrounded by flowers.
Both designs are backed in the off white color of the cotton. 
These simply printed illustrations are a perfect base to show your own creativity!
Color in the lines with fabric marker or paints and collaborate with Jeffrey!
Turn these bags into your own creation!

Jeffrey Fulvimari Easy Tote
Two types/ Castle, Dolly Girl 
Size: W400xH400xD120mm Length of the Handle: 470mm
Materials: Cotton 100%
Made in Japan

Available: September 26th, 2015
Price: ¥1,800 + tax