Jeffrey Fulvimari New Goods! “Mug” & “Big Handkerchiefs”

Take a moment to yourself with some tea poured into a Jeffrey Fulvimari Mug Cup.

There's nothing better than a white ceramic mug with your favorite warm beverage inside.
These cups use the clean white of it's surface to bring the colorful illustrations of Jeffrey Fulvimari to life!
It's the perfect size and weight, and it's glossy surface makes anything inside all the more delicious to look at.

The three available designs are Circles, Fun, and We Need Each Other. 

Perfect as a gift to your friends or to yourself!

Jeffrey Fulvimari Mug
Three types/ Circles, Fun, We Need Each Other 
Size: Diameter 83mm x Height 84mm
Materials: Ceramic
Made in Japan

Available: September 26th, 2015
Price: ¥1,600 + tax

Make everyday a stylish one with Jeffrey Fulvimari Big Handkerchiefs!

A handkerchief is a must have item for any conscientious self groomer, as well as an opportunity to show style.
Whether it's a difference in design,
material, size, etc., it's nice to have a selection.

Jeffrey Fulvimari's Handkerchiefs are the size of a bandanna. It's larger size is useful as a wrap for your lunch box, an nice looking tie to a shoulder
bag, not to mention the illustration being very visible!

The designs are Circle, where a total of 25 chatting girls in circle, Castle,
in which a girl with a shield and a flag overlook a kingdom, and We Need Each Other, where a group of women in stylish clothing carry clouds and stars in their hands.
Nonchalantly add style to your look with Jeffrey Fulvimari Handkerchiefs!

Jeffrey Fulvimari Handkerchiefs
Three types/ Castle, Circle, We Need Each Other
Size: H520mm x W520mm
Materials: Cotton 100%
Made in Japan

Available: September 26th, 2015
Price: ¥1,400 + tax