Another One Lost in Wonderland. Announcing the Illustrations for Middie Blythe Mary Ann!

Oh, why oh why did I drink that drink!
There's no turning back now.
I should have chosen another, but now I'm Middie sized!
Will I grow back, or will I be forever this small?

After drinking the shrinking potion and becoming as small as a Middie Blythe, Mary Ann is trying her best to keep her chin up and enjoy Wonderland.

The playing cards and mad hatter themed fashion she is wearing will draw eyes even if she is surrounded by bizarre guests at an equally strange tea party!
Her color coordination is chocolate brown and strawberry pink with an accent of black and gold.
Her tops are a dark brown and strawberry pink jacket blouse, and her bottoms is a gathered miniskirt with playing card symbols scattered throughout.

Her hat has the poignant words "Don't Drink Me!" written on it over a hat motif, along with a monotone ribbon that will catch anyone's attention.
She is also wearing high socks with a diamond pattern, with a pair of strap shoes over them.
Her hairstyle is long and straight with bangs, and her hair color is dark brown.
Her eyeshadow is gray, and her cheeks and lips are reddish pink.

The illustration is a concept and does not represent the final product.

Available: November 2015
Retail Price: ¥13,400 (without tax)