Renown Illustrator Marini*Monteany and JM Dollywear Collaborate to Bring to You: Little Marini*Monteany Shimashima Dress Set and Little Marini*Monteany Kinokochan Set!

 In conjunction with the exhibition at Daikanyama Junie Moon, Marini*Monteany has brought their signature whimsy and charm to bring to you a dress set
that will take you to a world of fun and fantasy.
Just like Marini*Monteany's colorful and pop illustrations, putting these sets on your favorite Blythe will make you feel warm and fluffy inside. On top of that, you will also get a Marini*Monteany illustration print with the set!


This is a dress with a slightly nostalgic silhouette. Short sleeves that slightly cover the shoulders and a yoke at the chest, as well as printed horizontal stripes and animal illustrations make it a girly and cute dress.
It also comes with a lined ribbon and color tights.

Junie Moon Dollywear
Little Marini*Monteany Shimashima Dress Set

Two Colors/ Navy, Brown
Set Includes: Dress, ribbon, tights, bear cushion

Release Date: Oct 17th, 2015 (Sat)
Price: 8,200


Turn your Blythe into one of Marini*Monteany's iconic mushroom illustrations!
From the cutsew, salopette skirt,and the tulip hat, all parts of this set have a mushroom as an accent!
On the cutsew, a mushroom printed on the chest, on the salopette a pair of mushrooms on the knees, and the hat looks just like the umbrella of a mushroom!
There are two sets, but its also fun to mix and match the colors!

Junie Moon Dollywear
Little Marini*Monteany Kinokochan Set

Two Colors/ Pink, Green
Set Includes: Salopette, cutsew, tulip hat, socks

Release Date: Oct 17th, 2015 (Sat)
Price: 8,000

*Both dress sets will be available for sale on September 15th (Tue), during the Little Marini*Monteany exhibition at Daikanyama Junie Moon.

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