Renown Illustrator Marini*Monteany and JM Dolly Wear Collaborate!Little Marini*Monteany is here!

Simple and cute! 6 printed dresses will also be on sale. Adorable illustrations printed on top of a knite fabric, with see-through spotted organdy sleeves, and a variety of looks to choose from! Get a bunch to create an organized look!

Junie Moon Dollywear
Little Marini*Monteany Onepiece
Six Colors/ Black Bear, Beret Boy, Bear and Girl, Puppet, Glasses Girl, Wooden Horse
Set Includes: Dress

Release Date: Oct 17th, 2015 (Sat)
Price: 2,800

Junie Moon Online Shop International https://www.juniemoonshop.com/

A Comment from  Marini*Monteany :
We designed these clothes as though they were worn by a girl in one of our illustrations.
I hope youwill enjoy this set along with the package illustration!

About Marini*Monteany
■ Marini*Monteany
A husband and wife illustration unit consisting of Tomohiro Noda and Mayu Shibazaki.
Both illustrators put work into each and every illustration they make.
Based in Tokyo, they regularly hold exhibitions and workshops in galleries and the public spaces in museums nationwide.
They also make artwork for picture books and books in general, as well as making accessories and small trinkets,

■ Goods Brand Ecoute!
Established in May, Ecoute sells mugs, tableware, towels, and other miscellaneous items, focused around daily needs.
Items are sold nation wide via Mon Seuil Co., Ltd.

■Original Shop
A specialty shop for all things Marini*Monteany, Molintika has come to Nishi Ogikubo in Tokyo! Business hours are nonregular.

■Picture Books
Caroline and John goes to the Weird Woods (Gakken)
Mommy's English Method (Komine Shoten)
Le Saisons de Fu-chan (Le Petit Lezard/French)
Mon Tour de France (Le Petit Lezard/French)
Teacher Bear (Komine Shoten)

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