There’s nothing that can prepare you for what comes after that rabbit hole. Final announcement for Neo Blythe Dark Rabbit Hole!

When I followed a rabbit with a large pocket watch, I found myself in a most mysterious place!
I'll tell you a tale of my experiences in this wondrous and fun land.

Dark Rabbit Hole is a place where many unique characters and animals reside, even the food and drink is strange and Wonderland themed.
The theme of the fashion is playing cards.
The queen who rules there has an army of cards, all decorated with the different suites.
The theme color is red, black, and white.
A red dress and a frilly apron are the perfect accompaniments to this adventure.

The high necked, puff-sleeved dress is patterned with the suites.
Pin-tucked frills in the chest and skirt, the gold key motif-ed necklace, and the apron dress with the playing cards printed on the front convey elegance and mysteriousness.
The straps and belt of the striped apron are lined with frills. Her hairband is decorated with a large ribbon, which is wrapped with a playing card patterned clothe.
She also wears gold heart shaped ear rings and her underwear is a monotone diamond patterned pair of socks, and knee length drawers, as well as a pair of red strap shoes with a heart printed on the toes.

Her face type is Radiance+, and her face color is natural.
Her hair is silver, with a slight perm and bangs cut short. Her eyeshadow is blue gray, with a reddish pink blush, and clear pink lips.
There are two special eye chips, a blue for the front facing chip and a green for the right facing chip.

Facetype: Radiance+
Skin type: Natural
Make up: Eyeshadow- Blue gray / Lips- Clear pink/ Cheeks- pink
Eye color: Blue (front, special color), green (right, special color), pink
(front), Orange (left)
Hair color: Silver
Manicure: n/a
Ear rings: heart shaped (gold)
Eye lids: default
Eye lashes: default
Set: Doll, dress, apron, hair band, ear rings, drawers, socks, shoes, stand

Available: November 13th, 2015 (Fri)
Retail Price: ¥18,500


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