Cable Knit Babushkas look great on her! Middie Blythe Dainty Meadow

Walking through a twilight meadow as the sun slowly recedes under the thresh hold, the sky is orange, pink and purple.

The light coming from my house on the hill is warm and welcoming.

Dainty Meadow is someone who knows the joys of the changing seasons.
She regularly spends time at her friend Winterish Allure's house.

Wearing her cute traditional clothes, the knit babushka she wears is also of the same taste.
The earth colored dress with wild flower printing, the vest with the tyrolean tape and fur, and her favorite cable knit babushka gets her ready for any outing.

Her face color is fair (natural), and her hair color is ash blonde which is parted in the center and permed.
Her make up consists of olive green eyeshadow, and pink cheeks and lips.
Her eyes are light gray (Winterish Allure's special eye chip color).

The illustration is a concept and is subject to change.

Release Date: February 2016
Price: ¥13,400