Perfect for those long rainy days! Neo Blythe Playful Raindrops illustrations have fallen from the sky!

I love the rain!
The raindrops fall into my cupped hands and I can't help but kiss them all.
I love to splash in puddles and watch the sun appear above the clouds.
A rainbow is sure to shine through after. This is why I love the rain!

I can't wait to go out in a rainy day!
Her poppy, bright fashion is designed after rain clouds and raindrops.
The dress' cloudy collar and rainy patterns and the hooded raincoat with the colorful droplets, the ribbon hair accessory, and the tights and rain boots combo go adorably together.

Her face type is Radiance +, her face color is natural. Hair is blonde and bobbed short.
Make up consists of brown eye shadow, salmon pink cheeks, and pink lips, giving her a lively look.
The front facing eye chip has one special yellow green color.

The illustration is just a design and is subject to change.

Available May 2016
Price: ¥17,000