These cute bowls are fun to have any meal with!  Blythe Bowls are here!

These deep bowls are perfect for cereal and soup, or even as a rice or café au lait bowl. 
Easy to use for any dish, these bowls are perfect for everyday use!

The six designs are the all-star Anniversary Blythe line up "Princess Blythe", the cute kigurumi wearing "Fluffy", Junie Moon's representative herself, "Junie Moonie Cutie", every Alice fan's go-to, "Framing Alice" and "Alice Alice", and the fashionable "Fashionista Molly & Nelly".

Enjoy these bowls everyday, mix and match the designs per meal! 

"Blythe Bowl”
6 type /Princess Blythe, Fluffy, Moonie Cutie, Framing Alice, Alice Alice, Fashionista Molly & Nelly
Size: 130mm diameter x H70mm
Material: Porcelain
Made in Japan

Release date : June 15, 2016
Price :  ¥1,900