Carry your favorite drink in the fun and useful ” Blythe Re-Use Bottle” !

These fancy bottles are perfect for carrying your drink in whether they are hot or cold!
The wide mouth is easy to sip from, or even carry cut fruit in!
Bring your breakfast smoothie to work, coffee or tea for those late nights, a sports drink to the gym, or a handmade drink to the picnic!
Three different designs are printed on the clear slim bottle: Princess Blythe, Fluffy, and Alice Love.
The simple illustration style is fun and chic!

" Blythe Re-Use Bottle”
3 type / Princess Blythe, Fluffy, Alice Love
Size: 65mm diamter x H195mm
Capacity: 500ml
Materials: Polypropylene (cap, inner cap), saturated polyester (bottle)
Thermostability: -40℃~100℃, *Do not use dish washer to clean

Price: 1,800
Release date: June 25, 2016