CWC Exclusive 15th Anniversary Neo Blythe “Allegra Champagne” final details Part 1 ~ 2

Let’s celebrate Blythe’s 15th Anniversary with a glamorous party and champagne.

“Allegra Champagne” is our glamorous Blythe dressed in her long, formal gown she is here to usher in the 15th year celebration of Blythe.
She has two fashionable looks her flowing gown and her chic black dress which is perfect for a night on the town.

Her gown is champagne gold, featuring a delicate splay of golden stars.
The bodice is made of structured faux leather.
The novel combination of soft tulle layers, faux leather, and glossy fabric makes this dress a textural joy.
The skirt silhouette gathers at the waist and forms a long train, with double layers of tulle overskirts printed with golden stars, giving it a gorgeous volume.
The bodice is also embellished with large diamond like gems. The stars and gems glitter like delicate champagne bubbles.
Her accessories include a lovely pearl crown headband, dangling pearl earrings, and champagne gold shoes.

“Allegra Champagne” is the center of attention at every fashion events and museums. She loves to attend art openings and concerts.
Her semi-formal dress is elegant and cool made of black satin and golden hem.
It has a low cut back to make it a bit more mature and it comes with a black lace camisole and ribbon details.
The design is completed with an exquisite balance of satin and lace.
She has a large chiffon bow head piece, round sunglasses, enamel-like red clutch.
These elegant accessories come together with her black strap shows. 

All her small accessories are stored in a special paper box!

his year’s anniversary doll has an outstanding and unique beauty.
She has a Radiance + face type with translucent cream colored skin.
She has long, permed hair with bangs. She has a new pinkish brown hair color.
She has special glamorous make up as well!

She has light brown eyelids with dark brown eye shadow and pearlescent highlighter underneath to give her a dewy, luminous look.
She has special light brown eyelashes that gives her a soft and feminine expression.
She has pink blush.
She also has a special first time lip color! Her upper lip is a deeper color than the bottom lip to help give a more three-dimensional and plump mouth.
She has all special eye colors! Purple (front), light green (right), light blue (front), and light brown (left).

The pull right and stand are both gold.

[Face Type] Radiance +
[Face color] Translucent Cream (fair complexion skin)
[Make-up] Eye shadow: dark brown, white pearl highlight under the eye
Lip: Two toned pink on top and bottom for plumpness Cheek: Pink
[Eye Color] Light purple (front), light green (right), light blue (front), light brown (left) ※ All Special Colors
[Eyelid] Brown (molded plastic) ※ Special specifications
[Lashes] Light Brown ※ Special specifications
[Hair Color] Pinkish Brown ※ new color
[Earrings] Long Pearls
[Manicure] Pink
[The set includes] Doll, long dress, dress, camisole, hair bow accessory, pearl tiara accessory, two sets of shoes, handbag, sunglasses, earrings, two sets of underpants, and stand.


Release Date: August 4, 2016
Price: 34,900 JPY


* Lame printing on the skirts may slightly vary per dress depending on assembly.
Thank you for your understanding.