” Blythe Notebook Smartphone Case”

Compatible with over 300 models! Protect your phone with these new Blythe smart phone cases!

With smart phones becoming a necessary part of every day life, it's important to keep them safe and scratch-less. With the Blythe Notebook Smart Phone Case, you can keep all of your necessary belongings and especially your phone in one protective, easy to use place!
The leather cover is both stylish and durable, perfect for expressing yourself.
There are five designs for the phone case, the impressive "Miss Anniversary", the unique and cute "Sherry Babette", the chic "Dark Rabbit Hole", the fantastical "Framing Alice", and the sweet "Junie Moonie Cutie"! These 5 designs come in S, M, and L sizes, which will fit over 300 types of phone.

Just slide the phone upward to take snapshots!
Even if the camera lens is at a lower position, this case accommodates every configuration by it's easy to use magnet belt design!
The inside of the cover is lined with card pockets, making carrying your valuables in one spot easy. There are two convenient strap holes on the top and bottom of the case so there won't be any worry of dropping your phone.


Blythe Notebook Smart Phone Case
15 Types: Miss Anniversary, Sherry Babette, Framing Alice, Dark Rabbit Hole, Junie Moonie Cutie
Size: S/ H137 × W67 × D15mm, M/ H146 × W76 × D15mm,  L/H154 × W81 × D15mm
Materials: Synthetic Leather, Polycarbonate


Release Date: June 15th, 2016 (Wed)
Price: ¥3,800