Carpe Diem! Work hard play hard with Neo Blythe Varsity Dean!

I worked my way to the top this semester and got into the team!
Isn't this letterman jacket really cool?
This year is going to be a good one!
I gotta keep my brain flexible, find new ideas and grow as a person!

This team jacket is the talk of the town.
This hoodie dress has all the makings of a modern American girl, just wearing it with a jacket will bring a sense of casual fashion together.
The star and smiley face patches and large pom-pomed hat goes well with her red rimmed glasses!
Her hairstyle is straight with her bangs cut, and her hair color is light brown.
Her face type is Radiance+, her face color is fair.
Her eyeshadow is light brown, her cheeks are salmon pink, and her lips are pink.
One of her front facing eye chips are light brown.
*The illustration is a concept and does not represent the final product.

Available October 2016