From Juniemoon Dolly Wear, our first ever Doll wrap bag “Forty Winks”, is coming!

How do you carry your Blythe when you go out? It's important to keep her outfits clean, and her face without any scratches, but also conveniently stash your accessories, bags, and shoes...
We have the perfect thing for times like those!
This cute futon/envelope carry pack will completely cover your Blythe's face, and the three large built in pockets are perfect for securely carrying miscellaneous stuff!

And when you aren't using it to take your Blythe on excursions, you can use it as a make shift bed, giving your Blythe a wink or 40!

We used retro style animal print fabric and pastel colors to create a fun, adorable hammock to cradle your Blythes.

Juniemoon Dolly Wear "Forty Winks"
Animal Pink, Animal Blue, Animal Yellow
22cm Doll sized (Neo)
Set includes: Wrap bag
Packaging: Card paper, plastic bag
*Does not include doll or doll accessories.

Price: ¥5,200 + tax

Available: Oct. 1st (Sat) *Pre-release at all CWC affiliated stores. Blythe goods stores will receive them at a later date.