Sparkling like a flute of pink champagne, Middie Blythe Bubbly Bliss is here!

My sister is really amazing,
This year is her 16th Anniversary for her career!
I'm gonna do my best to celebrate with her.
Cheers to my beloved sister!

An adorable little sister for Allegra Champagne is here!
With both of them at a party, you're sure to have fun.
The theme colors for Bubbly Bliss is Gold and Pink.
She is adorned with a sparkling stars, aurora beads, and rhine stones.
Her lame dress glitters like the bubbles on top of a glass of champagne.
Her accessories include a star headband, gold earrings, and gold pumps.

Her skin is a beautiful translucent cream, and her hair color is pink brown, cut short at the bangs.
Her eyeshadow is brown and her lips are pink.
Her eyelashes are a default brown. Her eyes are light blue.
The illustration is a concept and is subject to change.

Release Date: March 2017
Retail price: ¥13,400