Lunch time is about to get exciting! Blythe Lunch Cases are here!

These lunch cases are sure to make your noon lively.
The two designs are Ribbon and Hat, featuring two Blythes wearing an over sized ribbon and a poofy hat, and the new Alice design, Cupcake Alice.

The middle size has two layers, with the top being thinner than the lower half.

Microwavable and easy to wash!
Flip the top half upside down to fit it into the bottom half for easy storage.
It even comes with a lunch belt.


Blythe Lunch Case
Size: W15.3×8cm (Top 200ml, Bottom 300ml)
Material: SPA
Microwave, dish washer ok. Compact storage, comes with a lunch belt.
Made in Japan


Available: April 22nd, 2017
Price: ¥2,700 + tax