Announcing new “Jeffrey Fulvimari Notebook Smart Phone Case”

Everyone loves the wallet style smart phone cases, especially when covered with Jeffery Fulvimari illustrations!
There are 3 sizes of case with two different designs, stylish girls in monochrome striped shirts are in the “T-shirt Girls” and the lovable cat case “Cat Cat”.

Open the case and peel off the inner sticker on the sliding plate, press the smartphone on the plate while the plate is in the lower (default) position.
The camera mode of this smartphone case can be used in a wide range of models and manufacturers regardless of the position of the lens.
If the back of your smartphone is not smooth, you can apply the extra sticker to the back of your phone to make a smooth surface before sticking your phone to the sliding plate. 
Be careful to align the sticker to your phone so that it aligns with the plate before applying to your phone to the sliding plate.
To use the camera of your smartphone,  slide the smartphone up to expose the lens.
When you want to replace the case, slowly peel your smartphone off the sticker of the plate.
Do not take your smartphone off and on the sticker as it will weaken. 

Even if the camera lens is at a lower position, this case accommodates every configuration by it's easy to use magnet belt design!
The inside of the cover is lined with card pockets, making carrying your valuables in one spot easy.
There are two convenient strap holes on the top and bottom of the case so there won't be any worry of dropping your phone.

“Jeffrey Fulvimari Notebook Smart Phone Case” 
6 Types: T-shirt girls, Cat Cat  Each design 3 sizes
Size : S/H13.7 × W6.7 × D1.5cm, M/ H14.6 × W7.6 × D1.5cm,  L/H15.4 × W8.1 × D1.5cm
Materials: Synthetic Leather, Polycarbonate
Made in Japan
Release Date: August 5, 2017
Price: 3,800 JPY