A career woman through and through, Neo Blythe Asha Alvira is coming to town!

I love the cold winters of my hometown Chicago. I can wear all the stylish clothes I want and go to all the museums! But I'm going to be moving to London soon, and start a new business. I wonder what kind of life is waiting for me?


Business and fashion savvy, Asha Alvira is a woman all women find inspiration in.
Her brown skin and blonde hair are her charm points. She loves to wear her striped frill blouse and wide pants, paired with a wool long coat with rhinestone bedazzled fur pockets. When she's out and about, she wears her mirror shades and lace-up booties. Her favorite bag is a drawstring shoulder bag. Her face type is Radiance+ and her face color is Mocha.


The most striking feature she has is her bright blonde hair, parted in the center and slightly permed. Her make up is made to match her beautiful skin, with vibrant dark brown eyeshadows, pink cheeks, and a plump pink for her lips. her right facing eye chips are a special light brown.


The illustration is a concept and does not represent the final product.


Available January 2019
17,900 JPY (+tax)