New Blythe Multi Pouch Designs!

From makeup to toiletries to just about any item, these multi pouches are a great addition to your everyday needs.
Designs include 17th Anniversary Doll Unicorn Maiden, the steampunk dilettante Sherry Victorian, the bisque doll-esque Clearly Claire, and the cute ice cream shoppe attendant Smiley Waffle!
The interior is lined PVC for maximum water resistance.
There are also smaller pockets in the inside for your convenience.

*All designs come in both S and M sizes that are available on the same day.

Blythe Multi Pouch
Unicorn Maiden, Clearly Claire, Sherry Victorian Goggles, Smiley Waffle
Size: H10.5×W18×D8cm
100% Cotton, PVC coating, interior pockets, lining.
Made in Japan

Available April 27th 2019 *Available first at all CWC affiliated stores.
1950 JPY +tax