Addendum on the Sleep Eye Mechanism

This years CWC Exclusive Anniversary Doll Leading Lady Lucy comes with a special “Sleep Eye” mechanism that allows the eye lids to stay closed.

*This mechanism is not included in regular Blythe Dolls.


Allow us to explain how this mechanism works with Leading Lady Lucy:


There are two Eye Change Rings, one to close the eyes, and one to open them.


To Close the Eyes:

Pull on the pull-ring connected to the Pink chord until an audible click is heard. 

That sound signifies that the eyes have changed.

The eyelids will stay closed even after letting go of the pull-ring.


To Open the Eyes:

Pull on the pull-ring connected to the White chord until the eyes are fully open.

The eyes will have changed direction and color.


Tips on Eye Changing:

Make sure that the two chords are not tangled together.

Pull on the chords gently. Pulling too strongly or suddenly may detach or break the chord.



We hope you have a fun, precious time with your doll!