Neo Blythe Lumi Demetria Illustrations are here!

Demetria is the name of the Greek goddess who is responsible for winter.
Lumi means ‘snow,’
In the coldest days of the year, we wish we could stay home and be warm and cozy wrapped up in our blankets.
But when we do have an outing on such days, we want to be dressed in our
snuggly sweater and face the brisk weather. Lumi is ready to go out today warm but fashionable.
Let’s stay warm and fashionable this Winter!
Lumi Demetria wears a warm knit sweater, tweed skirt, and fur jacket.
Her accessories include a wide brim hat and long boots, with an overall color tone of pink and brown.

Her facetype is Radiance Renew, and her face color is cream.
Her hair is cut across the bangs with a slight perm, colored orange-ish brown.
Her eyeshadow is green, her cheeks pink, and her lips coral pink.
One of her front facing eye chips is a special green color.

*The illustration is a proof of concept and does not represent the final product.

Available November 2019
Price: 17,900 JP