CWC Exclusive Neo Blythe Wishful Blythe & Stardust Cinnamoroll Final Specifications
Sanrio’s beloved Cinnamoroll and Blythe are collaborating! Blythe is a huge fan of them!!
I Love Cinnamon.
I want to be by them everyday, so I dressed up in their look. 
Cinnimon sprinkles magic star dust over me and grants my wishes; your wish can come true too!
Won’t you wish upon their star?
Wishful Blythe & Stardust Cinnamoroll wears a lolita taste dress with a light blue and royal blue color scheme with gold accents. Her outfits include a knitted jumper skirt, bonnet, and bag.
Her blouse has translucent puff sleeves with lace trimmings. The jumper skirt has all around prints of Cinnamoroll! The royal blue organdy over skirt is complete with frills, a ribbon, and star charms. The skirts are plumped up with the petty coat.
The bonnet and jumper skirt both use the same printed fabric with cinnamon’s ears attached to it, using lots of lace, frills, and ribbons.
Her eye color is all special! Her front facing eyes are light blue with star prints, warm gray for the right, light pink for the second front, and blue on the left. The eye change ring has a Cinnamoroll and Blythe printed logo.

Face Type: Radiance Renew
Face Color: Cream
Makeup: Brown eyeshadow, pink lip, pink cheek
Eye Color: Light blue with star prints (front), warm gray (right), light pink (front), blue (left)
Eyelid: Brown
Eyelash: Brown
Hair Color: Blue green/mint green mix
Earrings: n/a
Manicure: Light pink
Set Includes: Doll, blouse, jumper skirt, bonnet, bag, socks, shoes, drawers, petty coat, stand(H17cm)


Release date: May 15, 2020 (fri)
MSRP Price: 26,500 JPY


*Details are subject to change.

*This product is available exclusively in Japan, and will be sold at a CWC affiliated limited time event shop (including the webstore).