A brand new design is now available for the Blythe Acrylic Stage!
New dolls have joined the Blythe Acrylic Stage!
These cute stand-up acrylic figures are made up of a variety of unique Blythe figures printed on a clear acrylic board.
Decorate your room, or take a pretty picture with them at home or wherever you go!
Assembly is also very simple! All you have to do is remove the clear seal on the back of the acrylic plate and insert it into the base, so anyone can set it up in no time.
The second set includes a total of five types: Tokyo Bright, Allegra Champagne, Sweet Bubbly Bear, Clearly Claire and Odette Lake of Tears.
'Blythe Acrylic Stage'
All 5 types: Tokyo Bright, Allegra Champagne, Sweet Bubbly Bear, Cleary Clare and Odette Lake of Tears.
Size: Approximately H12 x W9.5 x D0.3 cm 
Finished size: Tokyo Blighty approx. H11 x W8.3cm, Allegra Champagne approx. H10.5 x W6cm, Sweet Bubbly Bear approx. H10 x W5.3cm, Cleary Clare approx. H10.3 x W5.5cm, Odette Lake of Tears approx. H10.5 x W5.3cm
Specifications: Assembly necessary
Material: Acrylic, with OPP
Made in Japan
Price: 1,200 yen + tax
Release date: Saturday, August 8, 2020
*Pre-sale at CWC's Junie Moon retail store