Junie Moon YouTube channel announces How to travel with Blythe featuring Doll Bag “Doll Bag”!

Introducing a doll bag that is indispensable for going out and storing with Blythe!

Not only dolls, but also outfits for changing clothes, stands, hairbrushes and other small items

Loose size that fits all together ♪

You can go out with a lot of clothes to suit your location ♡


The bags that appeared in the video are now on sale at Junie Moon stores and online shops!

In addition to the items introduced this time, we have many products that are perfect for Blythe ♪


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At Cross World Connections Co., Ltd.

Blythe goods, doll clothing brand "Dear Darling" of Junie Moon Co., Ltd.

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Based on fashionable photos of Blythe with various tastes trying to model

CWC's original design is applied to make it an attractive product.

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* Wholesale destinations are corporations such as retail stores and wholesalers.

* We do not wholesale dolls.


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