Neo Blythe Plaid Parade illustrations

I wear my shako with pride and march for my team during half time!
We practiced to make our scramble precise and our music perfect!
Go team!

Plaid Parade is the leader of a marching band! ♪
The band’s uniform is a noble costume with red tartan check and tassels. 
The bodice of the dress black with embroidery.  The military style jacket has glorious epaulettes on the shoulders and gold decorations on the cuff and chest. 
The tall shako hat has amazing embroidery and tassels. 
The footwear is coordinated with argyle tights and four strap shoes.

The face type is Radiance Renewal in cream.
The hairstyle is straight long and the hair color is red.
She has olive green eyeshadow with baby pink lips and cheeks. 
She has special olive green front facing eye chips.

* Final product may differ from final illustration image. 

Release Date: November 2020
Retail Price: 21,500 JPY