Neo Blythe Plaid Parade Final Specifications

The show for our marching band is about to begin! The gorgeous costumes, bright rhythm and performance with be the best show on earth. Everyone on the team will try their best, thank you for supporting us! ♪

“Plaid Parade” dresses in a gorgeous marching band outfit. 
She wears a sleeveless dress, jacket and hat.  The dress has golden embroider on the hem of the dark green tartan skirt.
The military style jacket is red tartan check.  It’s elaborate design features epaulettes and golden embroidery on the chest and cuffs. The hat is a red tartan check shako hat with a black brim.  It’s decorated with a golden tassel and cord. 
She wears argyle tights with four-strap shoes and golden colored buckles.

The face type is Radiance Renewal. 
The face color is cream. 
She has long, straight red hair.
She has olive green eye shadow with baby pink lips and cheeks. 
She has a special olive green eye color with a frontward gaze.

Few Type: Radiance Renewal
Face Color: Cream
Makeup: Olive green eye shadow, Baby Pink cheeks and lips
Eye Color: Olive Green (front), blue, (right), orange (front), green (left)
Eyelids: Default
Eyelashes: Default
Hair Color: Red
Set Includes: Doll, dress, jacket, hat, Pannier, tights, shoes, shorts, stand 

* Final product may differ from this image.

Release Date: November 13, 2020
Price: 21,500 JPY