Shirley Temple and Blythe collaborate on CWC Exclusive Neo Blythe Princess Shirley Blythe.

Shirley Temple is the Japanese clothing brand that is based off the concept, “clothes that make everyone a princess”. This children’s fashion brand brings beautiful fantasy dresses to the world of little ladies.  In December 2020, our Shirley Temple brand clad doll “Princess Shirley Blythe” will be born.

Every little girl wants to be dressed in the prettiest of dresses.  
Shirley Temple is a brand for just that.  
For the princess of the family.  
Now doesn't she look just adorable?

The clothing for Princess Shirley Blythe is inspired by pieces from the Shirley Temple collection.  She will have a coordinating blouse, dress and coat.  These sweet fashions will be made to the closest detail to the real Shirley Temple clothing items.

The outfit consists of a rolled collar blouse with small bow, a dress featuring the original Shirley Temple print of tea cups, spoons, forks and tea tins, and a coat adorned with lace. 
Her fashion accessories induce a lovely beret with the embroidered brand logo, ribbons, beads and lace designs, heart-shaped bag, knee-high socks with the brand’s logo and pattern, and finally a coordinate pair of strap shoes with thick soles.

Her face type is Radiance Renewal and her face color is translucent cream.
Her hairstyle is long with a perm and bangs.  Her hair color is light brown.
Her eyeshadow is bring, her eyelids are brown, her eyelashes are special edition black. 
She has pink lips and blush. 
All four of her eye colors are special! Light blue, light pink, blue green and light purple. 

* This is an illustration.  The final product details may differ from this illustration.

Release Date: December 4, 2020
MSRP: 24,900 JPY

Stay tuned for news on all the final specs and the glamour shots!

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